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In 2003, an estimated 18,800 men were
diagnosed with prostate cancer and
4,200 died of it. On average, 362 Canadian men
were diagnosed with prostate cancer
and 81 Canadian men died of prostate cancer
-- The Canadian Cancer Society
The Facts:
  • One in every eight men may have to face the diagnosis of prostate cancer sometime during his remaining lifetime, beyond age 50 and one in 28 will die of it.
  • It will strike more than 16,500 Canadian men this year.
  • Prostate cancer will kill over 4,000 Canadian men this year.
  • It is the second leading cause of male cancer death after lung cancer, and is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in Canadian men.
  • BC has the highest per capita rate of prostate cancer diagnosis in the country.
  • BC has the lowest mortality rate, due primarily to the leading edge treatment and care offered in this Province.
  • The Prostate Centre at VGH is Canada's only comprehensive treatment, research and education centre focused exclusively on prostate disease.

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